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tv   Fox 46 News  FOX  March 7, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EST

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white house. ith is topnotch lady. >> the nation mourns the loss of nancy reagan. a look back at the most high-profile first ladies of the past cen ry. >> a good samaritan is hit by a car and killed when i tries to stop and help out the stranded driver. >> good evening thanks for news." i am bill melugin. >> i am kayla ayers. >> a good samaritan was hit and killed while triping to help a stranded driver. tries to heap 17-year-old girl whose car had flat tire. around 4:00 a.m. on the 485 loop between rocky river and university. he got out of the door hat! the teen when another driver hit and killed him. the driver did submit to drug and a alcohol testing although he is does not look like alcohol was factor. officials say he was in the roadway ap the stretch of that
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troopers say, it does not appear there will be charges, at this time. >> a local mom is pa speak out for the first time after her daughter was found shot to death inside of a car. >> danielle says her daughter, had promise ming, bright future and has message for other parents throughout and tells us how she wants her daughter to be remembered. our own neima shares the story here on "fox 46 news." >> danielle burris says some days are better than others. rest in heaven note >> but there is not a day that goes by that she doesn't think of her oldest daughter, crowder. >> you know, i don't think it hit me. maybe that second day. you foe, then i was numb. >> danielle contacted fox 46 to
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much she meant to the community. >> i want everybody to remember her as, you know. >> we were there at fiver university when students held a vig game for the beloved young freshman in late january. her ex-boyfriend, brandon hawkins, is charged with first-degree murder, larceny of firearm. danielle says even thought is hard, she is learning to forgive. >> everything happened far reason. although, you know, i still don't understand the reason. this mother says she has message for other parents who always are there for your kids and to really get to know who they hang out with. >> you poe, as mom, you he, you have a feeling you don't want to think the worst, and my parents always taught me, when you get a feeling pray. pray done it. >> danielle us now ready to start sharing the legacy with the world sol she is not remembered by just how her life
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rest in heaven >> neimaabdulahi, fox 46, wjzy. the suspect is still locked up tonight at the county detention center. >> well, if you look the weather this weekend. you are going to love the workweek, because even more spring-like weather is on the way. for a check of the accuweather forecast. let's sen it over to chief meteorologist. >> hi, clay. i have been work on my sick cov. the weather is nice. it is going to be a good week to get outside. right now, we are sitting at 49 and do want to mention that tonight is going to be a little chilly throughout. as we look at the satellite and the radar. not a whole lot happening hout. the skies should stay mostly clear for the night that is going to allow temperatures to take little bit of a hit. of course, as we look at the week. i want to mention spring coming a little early. not officially, but going to
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several days, and we are going to be turning up the heat on there. some of the warmest temperatures we have seen all year long, moving in, this week, that is good news. then, here is the other good news. we are going to be staying dry for awhile. now we do have rain chances in the 7-day forecast. now we'll let you know when to expect that coming up a little bit later on. >> all right, thank you. >> well, now on to fox 46 followup. after four-month investigation. the police chief is expected to return back to work tomorrow. nine police officers quit after larry brown was reinstated as police chief on tuesday. the chesterfield county sheriff's office is helping to step in. brown is going to work under the sheriff who will be the interim police chief until the problem is resolved. there is another meeting planned on monday morning. you now the sheriff along with larry brown and town administrators are going to be on hand to discuss how to recruit and move the police department forward to the future. >> another fox 46 update.
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in connection to the murder of 18-year-old man. the 23-year-old faces several chancer including attempted murder and officers say, porter was the driver of a car involved in a deadly shooting. 18-year-old harding died while sitting in a karen the intersection of kills avenue and east black street in rock hill last friday. porter was shot in the leg and has been treated. >> the charlotte fire department's a dive team is going to be back tomorrow. they continue searching for evidence in a gaston county murder investigation. the dive team was at the pond all day friday. they tell us the search is related to the murder of 37-year-old lewis you may remember lewis was killed at party early monday morning. they would not explain ex exactly what they are looking for the pond but confirmed its not a body and not a weapon. so far, there have been no arrest made in this case. >> presidential hopeful marco rubio opened a brand-new campaign office here in north carolina. the marco rubio for president
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location tend cornelius, north carolina center, tom, spoke at the opening, while some have called for rubio to drop out of the race for white house. his supporters say he still has plenty to fight for. this office is going to help him conhecht to voters here in the tarhill state. >> the reality is, marco is doing very well. you know, no candidate has anywhere near the commanding lead that you need to to get the nomination. think marco has a lot of reasons to believe he can go to the convention if necessary and when the nomination. >> now, as it stanes now. marco rubio sits in third place when it comes to total delegates in the republican race. he did win the prime a are in puerto rico today. >> former president bill clinton will be making a stop in the queen city on behalf of his wife democratic presidential candidate. he will be headlining and early vote event at johnson state smith university tomorrow afternoon. now doors open at 3:15. the event starts at 4:15 and the former president will be urging
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march 12th. >> gop frontrunner donald trump is making a stop in north carolina tomorrow. trump is planning to bring the campaign to concord monday. he will be holding a rally at the arena and event center that event is going to kick off at noon. on wednesday, he will be back in the tarhill state at the crown center coliseum. that event is set for 7:00 p.m. >> the death of nancy reagan is casting a long shad low on the road to the white house. former reagan administration official says both the president and mrs. reagan would be appalled a at the behavior tef current republican contenders po the oval office. there is a seems to get more unusual by the movement, today, is next, so. ohio governor john kasich is being endorsed by former california governor and actor arnold schwarzenegger. schwarzenegger made a point of saying he came to this nation as an immigrant. >> this is the land of opportunity. this is the greatest nation in the world. no matter what anyone says out
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we need john kasich to now take charge and in the white house. >> on the democratic side, hillary chin ton and senator bernie sanders are squaring off in a televised debate. we have the eye lights from that coming up at 10:30. >> well, major shock waves today. one of america's most influential first ladies has passed away because of heart failure. nancy reagan was 94 years old. now those who knew her personally reflecting upon her life. ashlee mcgeehan explains how she is being remembered. >> across party lines and the platform. >> north carolina leaders are mourning the loss of nancy reagan. this the former first lady died of congestive heart failure at age 94 but it was the legacy that people say will live on. north carolina congressman robert pittinger remembers the time spent with ronald
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>> back in the early 1980 e. she was grab louse to be center. filled up the concert hall, the leadership from congress and others around the city. it was great evening, but they came because probably because nancy reagan was kind enough to be the chairman. >> dedicated to fighting the war on drugs ten united states, those who knew her said she was passionate about everything she did. but above all, she was devoted to her husband. >> a very quiet, serene, thoughtful, strong person. i would atrun butte to what reagan accomplished to her committed to him. he counted on her. he valued her, her opinions more than any other advisor orer friend. >> voters say it was time they will never for get. the first lady was major part of that. >> i was in washington, d.c.
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the reagan administration. the reagan administration, you know, brought us national defense. maybe american and the united states is strong. respected nations a throughout the world. known another love, reagan's stepson tweeted a message saying she is once again with the man she loved. >> honorable, respectable, and just bringing that to the white house. you no he? it is topnotch lady. >> ashlee mcgeehan, fox 46wjxy. the reverend billy graham graham is speaking out. in a statement, graham says "i was privileged to know nancy and ron al reagan for more than 50 year and grat greatly valued trendship. i am saddened by the news and she will be greatly missed and i look forward to being reunited some day in heaven. "." >> the mecklenburg county released a statement on the death stating, "our hearts are heavy in the loss of our%'s matriarch.
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of country was surpassed by love of her husband. we smile at the thought of their happy reunion this morning. the love story will continue for eternity. >> the entire nationally, obviously, reflecting on this he life of nancy reagan. head over to the web site by fox 46 to see how other leaders are honoring the former first lady's legacy. coming up. a proposal to bridge construction at what is causing leaders to consider putting a pause on development new york's county. >> a diehard carolina panther's fan gets a big thank you from the team's star quarterback and ho showed on in this doorstep
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we'll be right back. >> leaders in york country considering freezing construction on new homes. at monday's council meeting they are signed up to address the council on the proposal and now officials say traffic keeps getting worse property taxes are going up and construction is nearly everywhere. the freeze would ally to any property within the bethal township and would last until the county finishes a study of how theyle the roads would be affected by new residence. the concycle is pecked to vote on this by april 1st. >> north carolina's top transfortition official heateds to texas tomorrow to fain out more about the spanish company. its the business behind the controversial i-77 tolling project and also tied to texas construction work where it
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governor pat mcquery order heed the dot to review the contract here in north carolina construction on the 26 miles of toll lanes are is already underway charlotte area and seen a lot of backlash but the t po did street move forward in january. >> well, severe weather week in north carolina which means the governor is reminding everybody throughout to make sure you have emergency plans in place. this wednesday, schools and government buildings across the state are going to practice tornado drills. now last year, there were nine tornadoes, 133 incidents of flash flooding and almost 550 severe thunderstorms with strong winds or hail. now thank ny, not going to have any that here in the charlotte area this week. absolutely gorgeous weather head org way for the start of the workweek. for more on that, here is chief meteorologist. brian, not going to feel like win the week, right? >> no, not ault. this is a drop in the cleric type moment. yeah. will not do that. we got more weather obviously moving in here.
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we will see a period where this weather begins to get more end that real question is does it mark the of winter. i hate to be a little hasty on this calling win ter over because we didn't get the rare storm. we're after winter ends where it kicks up. but right now, we may have turned a corner. we may be seeing really nice temperatures now at least for awhile. across the area so we gat big strong push of southerly their weak be a going to set us up nicely. as a matter of fact if you look at temperatures kind mind. in the nighttime hours. cooler ap the mid to western portions. look tat the midsection here up to lincoln, nebraska. temperatures are now at 60 degrees at night. we are going to see these warm temperatures filtering across the united states and especially the eastern half a a little bit later on this week. now, i do want to mention, we are still pretty cool right now. we got near freezing temperatures up to the mountains. we got 40's down in the valley
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charlotte is still at 49, but i want to pint out. we do have a clear sky. and with clear skies, we generally see cooler temperature, so, here is what it looks like on future cast in the overnight hours. we stay nice and clear. we will allow some spots to get down to freezing. we'll see near freezing temperatures here in charlotte. as we lack at the next couple of days. reallyice setup in the area. now we got high were pressure system in the area. any time we get high pressure it is hard to get rain. that will be the case for next couple of days. some clouds. a few clouds tomorrow. possibly even tuesday as well. but no rain is expected across the area. now, tonight, again, freezing. near freezing. 35 degrees. 2 to 5 miles per hour. you will wake up. will be cold but check out the next three days. tomorrow, we warm up to 66. under partly cloudy skies. we'll climb to 73 on tuesday. continue to climb into
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then at 75 degrees. now we do have some rain in another cast here later in this week. bill, i i will show you coming up in another ten minutes are so. >> thank you. >> well, there is certain floy shortage of excitement today for a diehard pan thiss' fan we told but in early february. we introduced to you kelcey young and showed up to the super bowl home combing in hopes of dwying the own soccer trophy. now several weeks late westerly the help of fox 46 reporter emily comical lins thanking for being what he calls the awesome selfless young lady. >> with excitement, kelcey young reveals the content of a long awaited package. >> i always wanted something. >> autographed. at least win this players. >> cam newton, who just weeks ago, kelcey waited patiently for outside of a bank of america stadium. she had hoped to give him this
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apurchase is a for a job well done following the pan this' devastating loss to the denver where oncos and super bowl 50. she never got that chance. but her gesture didn't go unnoticed. >> i cannot tell you how much i appreciate you thinking of me. >> in a letter sooned by the star quarterback, cam expresses his gratitude and tells kelcey, how proud he is of her and the destroying the team. >> i thought it was sweet. i was excited. it was autographed just bay him. >> also made sure kelcey and her sister had plenty of pan ter's swag to continue venting in true style and as result, he brought pure there is no this young girl and who quite possibly the number one fan. >> thank you. i love your big smile. fox 46, wjzy. >> you got love that high pitched squeal at. she still hopes to give cam her
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coveraged her to keep it as rein intoer of all the work she put into earn it. >> well, easter is later this month. but if you want to get those sweet request in to the easter bunny early or take a picture. concord mill is giving you the chance. today the shopping center hosted a special caring bunny where families that have special needs kids have a calm environment to share in the fun. now the opportunity offered reduced sense ry triggers and dimmed lighting. >> well, my three and a half-year-old has autism. we're so grateful to have these events to come to because he does not do well waiting in line. he was super excited he has been saying hooray since yesterday. i don't think that we could see each year with car low if it were not for these events so we're super grateful to have them. >> the easter bunny will be on hand at concord mills through march 26th. >> well, coming up, gop's
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>> all right. welcome back. so donald trump can affect army sergeant's bow barring deal's right to a fair trial. they wrote a wassiesting we would be interviewed with comments he made where he called bergdahl trader who should be executed his attorneys may seek a deposition from trump or call him as once. bergdahl faces charges of miss dehaivier would could get him a life sentence in prison. he has been set up another summer but legal wrangling over access to dras klaasfied documents has caused serious delays. >> man is fashioning charges after kidnapping a jacksonville
1:24 am
north carolina. >> 21 idea ois charged. police say he was visiting friends when a man forced him into a range recover after a short period of time. he was released in hope. >> one person is dead. another injured after they were hit buy a train in north carolina. it ap pend yesterday afternoon in forsyth count i. for adults, one child were standing on the railroad bridge when the train started to cross. now everybody except for the two victims were able to get of the bridge as the train came hurdling toward him. 51-year-old died at the scene because of in is where and 37-year-old griswold is still recovering at a hospital. >> an investigation is underway after two bodies were found in a shallow grave in south carolina. rkeley county officials say the bodies were found in the backyard of a home in goose creek. the remains were taken to the medical university of south
1:25 am
>> the opportunity is coming fun want to try the trab is come though queen city. he established with the brother paul in a spired by the reality tv show and myrtle beach on-line reports the restaurant has plans for low kags in charlotte, myrtle beach and charleston. the owners want to have more than 100 restaurants open in next several years. word on the opening dates or the ex ac specific location into. well, the democratic presidential attorneys fight it out for the white house. we have highlights of tonight's debate. >> plus, from leaders to lions. you will find out how terrorist believe a nobody can become a somebody they commit a attack. >> we got you warm temperatures in place. i want to show you the nighttime temperatures all the way through through next weekend. we will be in the mid 50's that bode wells another day. we have a rain chance and let
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break. >> welcome back. well rough water in flint, michigan, tonight, as fox new's mike emanuel explains, both candidates are take each other on in a city battered by water crisis that is not ending any time soon. >> the water crisis is sickening the people of flint was on tap as the two remaining democratic contenders another white house
1:29 am
>> children in flint, michigan, the united states of america, in the year 2016 are being poisoned. i believe the governor of this state should are understand the direction of duty was irresponsible. he should resign. >> agri. the governor should resign or be recalled. >> in a stay ravaged by poverty, the hot button issue was front and center. >> you bone a company dea sides to leave, like nabisco is leaving are shall then they have gotten tax benefits from chicago and illinois to stay there, i am going to claw back the benefits in. they are going to have to pay them back if they are leaving a place that actually investigated in them. secretary clinton supported everyone of the disasters written by corporate america.
1:30 am
costs us $800,000 jobs nationwide. tens of thousands of jobs in the midwest permanent normal trade relation in w china and millions of job. >> the latest polls show a double-digit lead in tuesday's michigan primary. donald trump is far ahead of the nearest rival ted cruz. whole the gop race looking more and more like a two-man race between donald trump and ted cruz, florida senator won the puerto rico primary. is winner take all contest as he gets all 23 delegates as he remains far behind trump and cruz. in flint, michigan, mike's machinual, fox news. >> this will be justin true doe's first official trip to the u.s. and will be meeting with president obama and honored at a white house state dner. he is one of the most famous politician sworn into office
1:31 am
prime minister pierre. it has been almost 20 years since the head of the government have dined at the white house. >> with become, good new force this those who hate telemarketers. a lawmaker is calling for phone companies to block robocalls. senator schumer says it exists. if so, sign me up. few carriers have actually implemented the surface and most consumers throughout don't know about it. he estimates there are 800 per seconder than united states. it is a mix of scammers and spoofers. people disgising the phone numbers so they a get through if the main number is blocked. technology can end e-mails it candy vert unwanted phone calls as well. he has plan to make sure consumers stop getting hassled. >> the bottom line fis they were a disease, they would with be national epidemic and we have the best and brightest work to
1:32 am
so we have the problem. but not eliminated the dreaded robo calls. >> schumer points out. time warner cable is one company with blocking technology but for land lines which many people don't even have any more. most are not aware the service. >> amid increasing tensions then u.s. the u.s. mill tar is holding exercise in south korea. just over 2,000 u.s. marines and sailors are now in south carolina for exercise which will last until march 20th. now these are held every two yearance scheduled way before the recent tensions. the north korean military will soon finish the one ter training cycle which is when ohs as say it is at the highest state of readiness. last week kim jong-un ordered the controy have nuclear weamons ready. was beautiful. we're going to see temperatures in the mid 70's so end it overeats brian. are these tem are tures normal? i i mean, what is normal for right you? >> well, i tell you what?
1:33 am
early day would look like? it would look like today. we're jump well above nrm a.m. here in the next couple of day. we land at 60 and that's the seasonal average at 60 and started a couple of degrees bee three. so on target here this tile of year. boy, we got a big, big time warm-up coming. if you thought it was all roses this week. well, we're going to see chances foreign as we get to next weekend. obviously, things look great. ni day dunn look like rain chance will start until late in the day as well. we get to saturday, even sunday, a rain chance will am rove. sorry to put that little bit of damper here in the forecast. again, enjoy the weather here over the next few days. let's talk about it. if you are thinking about doing traveling. a lot of you guys starting to get to spring break. what is it going to look like here. it is going to take a look here. again, see that guy there. that is high pressure system we talked about how that helps to dre us out and starts to warm us up as well.
1:34 am
that it is going to cause thed two switch to the soth and going to ton blow that warm air in the south over the next several days. look at. as it continues to travel to the soon continue to pop. a little moisture attached it to. they will see few clouds develop over the next couple of afternoons. don't peaks rain to develop. aday in, this is going to stay dry getting down to florida. as wellle. but a lot of focus on later in the week as we get to midweek, we start to see a couple of disturbness as. pretty strong develop out in text teens the mid portion of the country. we seize that develop and start to push toward our direction. again, that is still way far to the west of us. it won't be until friday night we start see effects of that weather. i do want to pint out. in case you are traveling to west this here as we get to wednesday and thursday. tonight, temperatures in the 30's and across the area. as we get into tomorrow am we're going see temperatures pretty
1:35 am
another 4 to 7 degrees across the area. cha are lot at 66 and see bunch of those. lincolnton, monroe, chest, he a few 67's adds well. a beautiful day outside. as mentioned, big warm-up going to continue f. we will stay in the 70's on tuesday at 73 and now you tuesday and wednesday. they will be sunny, bill. we'll see again, great days. start out warm as well. in the 40's then we'll jump top the 50's on thursday. friday morning, 75 each day. then wean weather moving in. look at the daytime highs. they will stick in the 70's. 70's love it, brian. this thanks. from losers to lions. it is the saying do inned by intelligence position as for people who join groups to try to become something a little bigger than themselves f. two men from texas are behind bars. not mention the teenser than charlotte area who are accused of having ties with isis.
1:36 am
security in the fbi are now stepping up their game to stop the people. >> they call losers. >> a vulnerable person on the internet looking to become part of something greater. >> they are usually not doing well in their lives and they are vulnerable to sort of radicalization pros sest and then they become what they bam lion by pulling off act of terror. >> the congressman who also serves as chairman of the house committee on combland security says we're past the days of terrorists like ben land who used couriers for communication. they sophisticated over social media. they are very good a at radicalizing young, usually, males todown the fight. >> he says federal law enforcement agencies are pretty good at getting in front of the trying to leave be the country to join in the fight with. >> icision.
1:37 am
their dealings with the group. 23-year-old was recruiting people to travel overseas to support terrorists activities including committing violent jid a. that was michael wolf from austin wo was sentenced to similar chharges. both men in the early 20's. sweaterring to see some women. they think it is adventure the isis stuff. they go on the internet. they look at videos. those trying to leave the country to join isis is not what it is really concerning federal law enforcement right now. >> it is a special agent charge for the fb. i with the homegrown, the hve, as we call it,s that you a kid in the basement doing it by himself who wakes up windy and is hard. that is really hard for law enforcement to get in front of.
1:38 am
recruitment calls for a different plea for help. >> the fbi is going out publicly out of character and to say we need the public's help. >> former special agent says the call to the public is necessary. >> do we ever main no, i don't think so. i have been in the business since 1980. and i have to say, that i have never seen it this bad. globally. >> this is the biggest challenge facing our country today from our counterterrorism perspective. says the fbi is doing a good job thwarting many plots but simply don't have the man power. >> if you have in the neighborhood of let's say 1,000 domestic terrorism investigations, investigation in every state, and think of the man power it requires justs to watch those suspects. most americans have unrealistic expectation that the fbi is going to be able to stop every with unof these attacks.
1:39 am
they are going to miss a few. >> how does isis find the people? burton says it starts with social media, chat rooms or blogs and where agents go and i act as decoy recruiters but the actual isis recruiters get a hold them, they take them into whats the dark place space and encrypted where they cannot access. >> there is a parallel world and of threats that are constant. if you in the business will drive you crazy because there are so many of them. >> representative says it is not just the responsibility of federal law enforcement any pore. >> there were warning signs that popped up and flags that we missed. quite frankly, the american, you po, he the average, you know, the average citizen failed to report. >> boston bomber tamerlan was kicked outed of the mosque now with law enforcement agencies even knew until after the fact. >> when people see an individual changing or you know, going
1:40 am
in, if that, if that was reported we could stop terrorist events. we stopped a lot of bad things from happening but in each of the cases where we had failures, the signs were there. they were not reported. that is why they are calling on the public. neighbor usual say after the fact oh, joy, we noticed they were acting trang. strange. you know they done talk about too until after. weed into the public because the public is the within we see those one offs self radicalizing. you well see somebody in the turn though are way. you may see someone at work turning the other way. stepping out to call on the help of the american people. >> fox news. >> well, cube base getting ready to play ball. the president will be intaineddance when they take on the cuban national team on march 22nd. construction is current ry underwith a toy fix up the that
1:41 am
repairing seats, the rave and a fresh coat of paint. going to be the first tame a major league baseball team will travel to cuba in nearly 20 years. time now you to isn't over to josh for check of sports tonight. what is going on, yosh. well, , is looking to sweep at the hometown track in vegas. team opinion ski threatening him late. results and reaction coming up in the battle of burgers... ...jack made a declaration of delicious with the doublejack combo. he formed a perfect union between 100% beef, cheese, andmouth. he took a stand for hot and salty fries. and the freedom to choose from hundreds of freestyledrinks all for $4.99. and america ate it up. true story. get the new double jackcombo for just $4.99
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we begin tonight with nas cairn las vegas. kyle busch, he picked the first-ever win at las vegas on saturday. the brother kurt, he is the one on the poll for the cobalt 400. let's get to the action. >> let's go! >> two cars. >> 's loft cars. off the restart on lap 44. path math kenseth lose cell and chased elliot in the number 24 chevy and slams to the back of him. his day was gone. kurt busch also among those involved in the wreck. kurt six laps to go. brad kozlowski making the move. bush bush would lend up frk up fourth and kozlowski would able to hold off the team and guess ton take the checkered flag in vegas. >> with a a day! i am beat. driving this car.
1:44 am
with miller lite ford and everybody and team penske. i withish my daughter was here nor. they worked on the car and came out with some better stuff and boy, it did pay off. it is good. >> nascar moves ton phoenix next week for the good 500 that race is sunday at 330 here on fox 46. colleges a ket ball wrapped up this weekend. north carolina winning the acc regular season title with the win over duke on saturday night. they will be the one seed heading into the conference tournament the blue devils are the five steid t. they play wake forest who is the 13 seed on tuesday. >> a chain acc. north carolina's bryce johnson. conference. freshman of the year and the
1:45 am
and unc and the sixth man of the year. our acc ray year of the week comes from duke. it is the guard. a ton of controversy surrounding him after the second incidents in a month. he boned back strong last week. going for 30 points and within against wake forest and followed that up against north carolina. the leader for this team and telling tomorrow a 22-9 record and 17th ranking in the nation. >> unc ashville take k on winthrop. a trip to the big dance on the line. unc up by four. on top by six. threaten second. ashville, still up. this time just by three. the shot attempted miss. the drill. that is sutton on the put-back and gets fouled.
1:46 am
bulldogs get the victory are 77-68. they are the big south champion. >> m nfl news. peyton manning's super bowl victory over the panthers will be last career game. the 5-time put together a hall of fame ga career wing super bowls. the league's all-time leader and passing yard and passing touchdowns tied boar the lead and panthers qet suiting thought photo today simply saying respect. to this he nba we go. steph curry and the warriors in l.a. this afternoon. we see curry do super human things this year making unbelievable shots but this afterhan was not one of them. he had one of those today.
1:47 am
he had 18 points julius randall for the flush. how about fit they lose the game. the section loss of the year. the final of 11 if to 95. kay a la into well, still to come. a lack back on the life and legacy of former first lady nancy reagan.
1:48 am
1:49 am
we'll be right back. >> well, former president jimmy carter will not be needing any more dancer treatments.
1:50 am
continue to perform scans on the 91-year-old to make sure the cancer has not come back. carter shared good news todd people at church in plains, georgia. now last summer, he was diagnosed with mela them into that sneed brain. the form former president ined to make medication after a scan and tound no sign of can then brain. >> tonight, the nation is mourning the loss of former first had dy nancy reagan. she died today in los angeles at the age 94. fox news' adam housley takes a look back at the remarkable life. >> and francis robins nicknamed nancy was born in new york city on july 6th, 1921 and raised by her mother, an actress, had little contact with her father after the parents divorced. in 1929 she married dr. loyal davis. nancy and her step father became close and he adopted her when she turned 14 and nancy took his last name. nancy graduated from smith
1:51 am
degree and appeared plains in new york before landing a contract with mgm. she moved to ollywood and would ultimately appear in 11 films. >> in the fall of 1949. a a paper reported nancy had communist ties. in the 1989 memoir and explained how a director friend asked the president of the yawn to help. >> late this afternoon, the phone rang. nancy davis, this is ronald rage gran the screen actor's guild. i have answers four. if you free for dinner tonight, perhaps, we could talk about it then. , i stammered. i think i could paige. >> the pair had simple secret wedding on march 4th, 1952 and daughter patty was born in october that same year. son ron followed in 1958. nancy is said she thought she married an actor but soon realized his real passion was working with the republican party.
1:52 am
won by a landslide. nancy served as first lady of california from 1967 to 1975. >> the reagans had been married nearly three decades when they moved to the white hahns nancy later admitted the years in sacramento to d little to prepare her phonational stage. >> nancy reagan had the image that really did not portray her about it was very regal, above others. it was just, a totally unfair character eye glacial. the praytor is quickly shifted. the priorities quickly shifted. >> i spent a good time with time with her did a day. she was in shock. she was. she was quiet. >> from then on, the president's safety became her utmost rye prior tin ap a kept an in travel and turned to astrology for guidance and became the post defoon moments? just say no. >> the three words forever in
1:53 am
when it a am to policy, nancy, distance. she focus on being the president's wife. >> you seldom saw them when they were not holding hands. they genuinelier frommed to be with each other than anyone else. >> the reagans lived a priv vit life until 1994. when the former president revealed he had alzheimer's disease. a battle he would lose ten years later. 2:00. >> it was what she described as a long gooded bye. how difficult that was for her. she did it with great dig tain preserved his dignity as part of a legacy. something she will be remembered for. >> nancy lived quietly after the president's passing. appearing occasionally in events honoring her husband. >> the statute is a wonderful likeness of ronny. he would be so proud. >> he proud of her.
1:54 am
service called rainbow is now gone. her time as first lady remains a part of history not them to
1:55 am
1:56 am
adam housley, fox news. >> all right. talk about going the extra mile. an indiana woman in the running to beat the guinness world record for the longest run on treadmill in 12 hours.
1:57 am
hours i would beat the old record of 68.54 miles now if guinness makes it official she will be a world record holder. she completed a few hundred mile race in the past but the furthest she had run on the treadmill was only 30 miles before her record-breaking run. i can do five miles. >> what about you? >> that is the problem. i get bored. this is the worst idea ever. >> a 1 second hur run on treadmill. i don't know what you are talking? the only thing would be is forked that to run uphill. that is terrible. i hope she makes it. i hope she makes it five miles, you get board after five miles? >> yes. >> done it think i have run five miles in my entire life. >> good four. high, guys. let's take a look. tomorrow may be decent weather. now iting going to be cold tomorrow morning rather as we see temperatures down the mid
1:58 am
we'll get up to 55 though by the noon hour. maybe even slightly warmer. the layers there. you want to ditch them as it wears on. up to the 60's. most slin ny to partly cloudy but no are in at all. as we lack at the next seven days one more time again. we're urning up the heat. not hot but it is really nice. we will hit 73 on tuesday. wednesday and thursday, at 75. we will, let's do it gain. 75 as with well. rain chance late friday and into the weekend. >> that is the workweek. >> it looks perfect. >> not much better. >> i think everybody has been weight for. yeah. the winter it is perfect. love it. >> yeah. all right. thanks so much for joining us in.
1:59 am
6:00. >> announcer: the following is a paid presentation for derm exclusive instant anti-aging, brought to you by beachbody. >> hi, everybody. i'm deborah norville. and i've got breaking news from the world of skincare. this time, there's a celebrity twist. keep watching. you are not gonna want to miss this. [ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: if you don't like the face staring back at you in the mirror... >> my skin was sagging. really heavy bags under my eyes.
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